Sequoia Brands

The Sequoia tree is a symbol of strength, stability and endurance. Sequoia Brands Inc. represents this same iconic notion through the power of its leading brands. Comprised of specialty product lines, Sequoia Brands unifies its products under the common thread of these values.

Just like a tree that branches out, Sequoia Brands is the trunk and the carefully selected collection of brands represents its branches. These brands may reach to different niche markets but they are all rooted through the strength and stability of Sequoia Brands and the core values for which it stands.

Sequoia’s Brands innovative products fill the needs of consumers around the world; they tap into underserved markets with specific product niches. Our brands are constantly evolving as we strive towards quality design, safety and improved functionality. Please browse our brands’ sites to learn more about how each product line exemplifies the quality centric mission behind Sequoia Brands.